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Queer and Trans production of The Vagina Monologues-Open Casting Call in NYC!


We are holding an open casting call for a Queer & Trans-identified folk production of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues on Saturday January 12, 2008 from 3-6pm.
We will be using Project Reach which is located in Manhattan on 1 Orchard Street.
Most folk find that taking the F train to East Broadway is the best way of getting there, I prefer for detailed directions.

This isn't really exactly an audition, more like a space to show us what you can do and what you're interested in.

Each not-an-audition will be 3-5 minutes and consist of a short question and answer period, reading of a monologue (we will provide it), and a chance for you to showcase any other talent you have (singing, dancing, burlesque, poetry, if you are a visual artist we'd like to see a few pieces, etc). Its going to be painless and a lot of fun.

We are also inviting folks to drop by a bit earlier at 2pm for an organizing/fundraising/networking meeting which should run for about an hour and and half.

Who is invited to perform in our production?

Queer and Trans-identified womyn(wimmin, women, girls, grrrls, etc) as well as folk who live their lives as vagina/cunt having entities.

Because we are fierce, we understand that most folks gender identity doesn't equate to just "man" or "woman". Because of that we are inviting folks to come and audition, and we can chat about how you fit into the performance requiements.

We are looking for queers, feminists womanists, lesbians, pansexuals, bisexuals, cunt loving folk, transwomyn, transdykes, femmes, butches, studs, trannybois, ftms, genderqueer/nonconforming folks., people of color, fat folks, not-fat folks, activists, artists, cookie bakers, professional fundraisers, actors, musicians, sex workers, singers, dancers, knitters, sound/lighting tech gurus, Sugar Mamas/Daddies who want to give us money....(lol), beautiful, fierce people ...
All types of people who can help us end violence towards womyn and girls.

We want to create a cast and crew of passionate queer/trans folks who want to volunteer their time to perform, help with outreach, organize fundraisers and much more.

We encourage folk to check out for more info about the 2008 vday productions and events going on around the world.

Also you can add us on myspace-

If you have any questions please comment here or email us at vday2008nyc at gmail dot com

We can't wait to see folks there!

-Taueret Manu

X-posted like mad to various nyc queer and trans communities as well as my own journal.
(sorry if you are seeing this a gazillion times)

Please feel free to post widely in NYC-metro queer and trans online spaces.

NOTE: While we are scheduled to perform at The LGBT Community Services Center, we are aren't really affiliated with any organization or school. This is an independent performance santioned by VDay and supported by good folk like YOU!!!!
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