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Hi folks,

The name's Kate.  I've posted on here a few times so some of ya'll may recognize me.  Anywho, consider this the first of many call-outs that I will be posting concerning a zine/pamphlet I'm looking for collaborators on.  Okay, here's the deal:

I'm currently in my final semester of university (woot! woot!) and one of my courses is called Lesbian Issues & Realities and for our final evaluation we have the option of writing a 10-12 page paper or doing a creative art project.  I'm obviously choosing the latter and am making a zine/pamphlet called A transdyke's guide to lesbian sex. For this specific class I'm going to do everything myself...I'm going to write short, erotic stories, take sexy photos of myself (and possibly my partner), write poetry, safer-sex info, harm-reduction tips as they relate to HRT, SRS, drug-use, & sex-work, etc etc.

However, I plan on only making one copy, for my class, and once it's done I want to solicit other transwomen(who sleep primarily sleep with women, although gold star is not a requirement...haha) to contribute to it and help edit it.  IMO this type of document needs to be circulating in the world,as typically safer sex guides and erotica collections do not include our bodies/identities/realities.

So just consider this a lil heads up and once I have finished the template I'll set up an email list and we can begin discussing it more in detail.


P.S. In case you haven't seen it, this is where my inspiration for this project is coming from:

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