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Sorry to post something so NYC-specific, but this seemed like a good place to get the word out. Please feel free to repost this anywhere you think it should be shared. (And I'm sorry for any cross-posting you encounter.)


Do you know that the Lesbian Sex Mafia's party etiquette requires some transwomen to keep their genitals covered during our play parties? The current party etiquette reads:

"If you have a bio-penis, please keep it covered."
(-LSM Website, November 15, 2007)

We are a group of cisgender, genderqueer and transgender LSM members and allies who believe this policy needs to be struck down. LSM stands for safe, sane, consensual and confidential sex and play for ALL women – past, present and future. If you're interested in learning more and joining us, write your contact information below.

You can help make LSM a place that welcomes all women.

* This document was revised by collective agreement by the folks present at the first Strategy/Interest meeting on November 26, 2007.

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you seem to be my livejournal twin, birthdate and interests match almost exactly (Brooklyn poly veg cyberpunk transdyke? me too!), how queer.

I didn't know this rule existed, but now that I do, I will be sure to raise some hell.

I'm curious, what does CC4D refer to?
Not transdyke, actually; cis ally. But as to the rest: yes, yes, yes. Also a kinkster with an interest in folk music. Queer indeed.

Do please raise some hell! I hope you'll do it with us.
Not to mention your girlfriend is a transdyke. :)
I did indeed consider mentioning that =) But I thought it might misrepresent my motives, which, as much as I adore you, have very little to do with you.
Oh, and CC4D is an inside joke I have with my co-organizer. I missed that part of your comment the first time I answered.

Deleted comment

Considering that I opened my LJ email with your comment saying "Hmm, I think this is Paige..." I think you know me, too. If we met a few weeks ago at a mutual friend's birthday dinner, then I'm certain.

It's true, the current policy was a compromise. I just think the time for compromise is past. I want to find out, anyway.

And hooray! Welcome to the google group, I hope I'll see you Monday!
Thanks for doing this.

I'm reminded of the sex wars where any phallus-shaped play toy was a no-go.

Have you read the section of "trans-forming feminism" that deals with other women's events' you-can-be-kinky-or-have-a-cock-but-we-don't-want-to-see-it policy. It's not only well-written, but it brings together kink and trans while exploring the ramifications of "including" people while telling them that they have to keep their difference hidden.
It seems especially silly to still have this rule around now that phallus-shaped toys are everywhere you look.

I haven't read any of "Trans-forming Feminism," but I'll have to. I'll see if I can track it down (Bluestockings will have it, since the library doesn't seem to); I currently have an all-trans-issues reading list, at least until this is resolved or I run out of books. My bookshelf looks like my (now ex-)girlfriend's did when I was 20. I remember once pointing out to her that she only bought books on sexuality, gender, women's rights, and religion - little did I know that would be me. (OK, not religion. Comic books instead. But still.) Anyway, thanks for the recommendation! That section especially sounds really relevant and helpful - one of the things we want to point out is that LSM because what it is because it was pushed out of more mainstream women's space in the first place, for similar you-make-women-feel-unsafe and we're-afraid-you'll-prey-on-us reasons.
Is Trans-forming Feminism actually a book? Google tells me it was a conference, but I can't seem to come up with a book...although I suppose I can go by Bluestockings and see what they can tell me.