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Transdykes and their partners

the intersections of dyke and gender variant communities

Gender Variant Dykes and Partners
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This is an open forum for those who in some way identify as dyke and trans/gender variant and their partners past, present and future. A place for discussion about issues that intersect the dyke and trans communities.

The term transdyke itself is left open-ended and can relate to individuals throughout the gender and sexuality spectrum and/or a physical transition process. This community is intended to be a place to bring together a variety of people from different backgrounds, presentations and expressions. This is not just a place for those who id as lesbians, but a place for all queer-identified trans/genderqueerdykes and their partners.

Please post introductions, comments and your questions to generate discussion in this community!

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- No spamming.
- Be respectful of others in this community, no hate speech.
- Please post large posts and pictures under a lj-cut
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